Pepprell’s journey started more than a decade ago on the other side of the Atlantic. Yeah, yeah we know, you’re probably thinking “…this sounds like the start of a Hollywood story”; well, we’re not going to call you a liar, but doesn’t everyone love a good story? Read on!

After graduating high school, Josh Cormier backpacked through Europe and fell in love with the euphoric happiness associated with good food and an even better drink. He didn’t know it then, but that experience planted a seed that would eventually grow into Pepprell Distilling Co.

The next year, Josh moved to Halifax where he attended Dalhousie University and, unknowingly, met one of his future partners. The two of them started to experiment with the art of craft brewing – much to the delight of all of their friends. Don’t worry, grades were not seriously harmed in the pursuit of a fine drink.

When Josh left Halifax, rather than following the path in front of him – a career in law – he answered a calling and he devoted his professional life to making the perfect spirit. After a decade spent honing his craft, Josh was finally satisfied that he had created such a spirit. Pepprell Gin was born.

Josh, having now created his perfect spirit, assembled a team to help launch Pepprell Distilling Co.

The real journey is just beginning, and Josh’s mission is clear: “The only thing that’s important is that our customers enjoy our product, and we deliver outstanding service. Simply put, the team is dedicated to developing spirits that taste really damn good. Now sit back and enjoy.”

Fun Fact

Where did the name “Pepprell” come from? Pepprell is the name of the street that Josh lived on while studying at Dalhousie University.