Josh Cormier

Chief Executive Officer and Head Distiller

An education in philosophy (Dalhousie University) taught Josh how to drink. An education in Wine and Spirits (Wine and Spirits Education Trust and Brock University) taught Josh how to make what he drinks. While working on getting Pepprell off the ground Josh has worked full time in the Wine industry and Beer industry, predominantly in production. Now he is excited to share what he has learned through his education and experience with the world.

Cameron Curry

Vice President of Sales
Cameron has a unique educational background in business, psychology, biology & philosophy that has provided him with a refreshing approach to sales & development by genuinely connecting with his clients from a foundational perspective. As a result, Cameron has honed his craft through valuable experience with companies such as Sobeys, Centocor Biopharmaceuticals, IWK Children’s Hospital and Manulife Financial. He also happens to be Josh’s brother-in-law and was therefore included by default.

Kyle Cormier

Vice President of Technical Services
Kyle is a particle physicist. His research focuses on experiments at the world’s biggest particle collider, the LHC, where he studies the universe’s tiniest elements. Kyle’s scientific approach to the world centres around quantitative predictions based on real-world data, and understanding the principles that capture how systems work.

Nate Read-Ellis

Vice President of Legal Operations
Nate has been a Bay Street lawyer for more than five years. He spent the first four years of his career working at one of Canada’s most established and successful corporate law firms. In 2018, his entrepreneurial spirit led him move to become a Partner at a smaller, start-up firm. Nate has been involved in some of the country’s largest business transactions and disputes.